NEW YEAR SPECIAL 2018 - Takeo Moriyama 4DAYS


My food preference has changed these days.
I used to like red meat and sashimi, but now I prefer clean, simpler meals like hot pot.     
I used to like a busy, vibrant restaurant, but now I prefer a chill-out, quiet restaurant.
I used to long for becoming a special person with an extraordinary talent, but now I feel comfortable with being the same as others.
I used to like to be engaged in a hardball, but now I prefer just smiling peacefully.
It should be ok if we change our preferences, but business owners are not allowed to change their minds so easily.
If a Sushi restaurant starts to serve a bowl of Ramen depending on the chef's mood, they will lose business.      
It is the same for the case of a musician, who should not change his/her trademark so easily.
However, it is also unavoidable that everyone's taste for music naturally changes as his/her life changes as time goes by.
If we change our style of music in tune with such natural changes of ourselves, what is going to happen?
Our audience might react differently, just like a Sushi chef starts to serve a different dish like a bowl of Ramen one day.
Among the customers who seem to get angry and might never come back, there might be some customers who are moved with the innovative spirit and the fresh idea.
Yes, customers who are happy to eat Ramen at a Sushi restaurant must be warm-hearted and understanding.
Those people would think that there must be some reason why the Sushi chef changed the menu, without being angry about the change, trying to figure out why the Sushi chef served a Ramen, or why he chose Ramen over Sushi today, etc.
How generous! How honorable! What a big heart they have!
Yes, perhaps the Sushi chef realized the wonderful taste of Ramen as time goes by.
Yes, perhaps the Sushi chef made a progress and expanded his heart.
It is a progress of a person to become able to eat the vegetables that he/she used to dislike.
It is honorable for a person to notice good natures of a person who he/she used to dislike.
Yes, let's try to notice something good about the music that you used to be unfamiliar with.
Yes, let's learn and be happy about that there are people who disagree with you regarding the preferences of things.
The Earth is huge, so there are still unknown foods and unknown music in this world.
There are a lot of people who we have never met yet, there are a lot of things that we have not known yet.
The Earth is too big for us who only know very limited places and lives in limited times.

- Takeo Moriyama

NEW YEAR SPECIAL 2018 - Takeo Moriyama 4DAYS
Jan. 2 (Wed), 3 (Thurs), 4 (Fri), 5 (Sat)
Open: 17:30 / Start: 18:00???? 4,000 yen + tax (one drink included)
*Advance tickets will start selling at the Shinjuku Pit Inn at 11 AM on December 1, Saturday (we accept reservations).

Jan. 2 (Wed)
Takeo Moriyama GROUP with Fumio Itabashi

Takeo Moriyama (ds), Fumio Itabashi (p), Shinpei Ruike (tp), Fire Watanabe (tp), Tetsuro Kawashima (ts), Hiroaki Mizutani (b), Hitomi Aikawa (per)

Jan. 3 (Thurs)
DuoDuo 1

Takeo Moriyama (ds), Dairo Suga (p), Nobumasa Tanaka (p)

Jan. 4 (Fri)
DuoDuo 2

Takeo Moriyama (ds), Tosuke Yamashita (p), Masahiko Sato (p)

Jan. 5 (Sat)
Takeo Moriyama QUARTET

Takeo Moriyama (ds), Tetsuro Kawashima (ts), Nobumasa Tanaka (p), Hiroaki Mizutani (b)

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