Takeo Moriyama

"What is swing jazz?" I always kind of knew the answer to this question in some way, but had never given it a serious thought. Usually my answer was, "Let's leave such theory aside." But at this opportunity, I would like to think about it again.

'Swing' means 'rock back and forth', so if you slightly shift the accent, you will swing. For example, if you play a piece with a strong accent on the first beat, it would sound like a march with stable, powerful rhythms. However, if you shift the accent on the second beat, the music sounds slightly off balance. This feeling of 'off balance' is the beginning of swing. It is the real thrill for jazz musicians to move the audience by using various feels of swing. And we try to use various methods to swing the music, like using irregular time and so on. Then, do we just need to know theoretical factors and technical factors to swing? No, there are also emotional factors. For example, I have a lot of friendly chatters with my musicians before we play together. It helps to raise our spirits high up, with the mutual confidence like, "Let's do it!" This "Let's do it!" is exactly the core of the swing - the crucial factor.

Then, how can we get the hang of 'emotional swing'? It's easy; you just need to be motivated.

(1) First of all, you need to find your own good points, and come to like yourself. And if you practice while being amused with your good points, you will be more motivated. Whether people think you are egocentric or like a kind of the hill, you shouldn't care, just do it.

(2) Next, find some good points in your co-performer, and come to like him/her. Moreover, praise him/her for many times saying "It was good!" during his/her performances - like you are loving him/her at first sight.

(3) Soon your co-performer will start praising you as well, and both of you will say, "It was good!" more and more. You don't have to care even if other people around you are looking at you guys coldly. You are building a world of two musicians who are in high spirits with the motivation. This is the basis where 'emotional swing' can happen. It has been proven to be true countless times through our experiments in the past. About 50 years ago, Yosuke Yamashita, Akira Sakata and Moriyama began to play together with the following mottoes in their mind: (1) Find your own good points rather than imitating others, then take them one step further; (2) Praise the co-performers' good points positively during their performance; (3) Try to do anything to help your co-performers with total belief in them. If you alway have these attitudes as the essential core in your band, your band will swing whatever the situation is. If you make a mistake, use the mistake as a source of the swing. Then you won't have to regret your mistakes or maneuver for your successful performance any more, since your band will swing for sure if only you (three of us) play together.

Professor Hiroshi Hasebe of the Tokyo University of the Arts, who organized and supervised in the e-book called "The Essence of Swing," concluded the end of his four years of research with these words: "When I look back, I realize that I have come a long way, on a satisfactory journey full of happy smiles. And in the end, I was able to come to the ending point where my text and the disc come out in a final package. I owe all of them to Mr. Takeo Moriyama's smiles." What a delightful words! Mr. Hasebe also captured the essence of swing. Moreover, it was a result of the eswingf that happened in his devoted teamwork with Mr. Ryuichiro Matsubara, Mr. Toru Kamekawa and Mr. Koji Takai

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