Natsuki Kido 3DAYS

This year, we are having our Natsuki Kido 3DAYS event in September. On an opening day, we will feature Bondage Fruit that I have been playing together with the same members over two decades. The five melody lines that the five musicians play will be intertwined with each other in a complex manner, to create an unexpected development of the unique orchestration that I am proud of. Don't miss if you have never heard our live!

And on 23rd, the second day, we will present our Matahari Allstars for the first time in a long while. This band was originally formed as a one-night band to perform at the 10th-anniversary concert of Matahari at Cafe Rojiura in Nagoya where we regularly perform, but since it was so much fun, we have been continuing this band activity even irregularly. This time, we are performing as this group for the first time in a long while. All the pieces are our killer tunes, performed by the best members who will kick our hard-core party mood into gear!

The final day of the 3DAYS will be a festive event of Argentine tango that we have been seriously digging into these days. We will feature Natsuki Kido Quintet, our hard tango quintet, to perform Argentine tango standards arranged by pianist Hiroshi Kumata, Astor Piazzolla's songs, and our members' original pieces. The heat of the music is as hot as that of hard rock. Also, on the final day, Natsuki Kido will aim to reproduce Salgan-De Lio, the gem of Argentine tango, as a duo with pianist Yuhei Matsunaga. This will be also intense and steamy hot.

After all, these 3DAYS will be extremely hot and intense just like how Natsuki Kido is!

Natsuki Kido 3DAYS

Open19:30 Start20:00 Advance ticket: 3,000 yen + tax / Ticket on the day: 3,500 yen + tax
Advance Pass Tickets for 3 DAYS: 8,000 yen + tax (each day including one drink)

Bondage Fruit
Natsuki Kido (g), Yuji Katsui (vln), Hirohiko Otsubo (b), Kumiko Takara (vib, per), Yoichi Okabe (per)

Matahari All Stars
Natsuki Kido (g), Kazutoki Umezu (sax, cl), Akihisa Tsuboi (vln), Yoshiaki Sato (acc), Kenji Sato (b, vo), Masaharu Sato (ds, vo)

Natsuki Kido Quintet vs. Yuhei Matsunaga / Natsuki Kido Duo
Natsuki Kido (g), Kumiko Kondo (vln), Satoshi Kitamura (bandoneon), Hiroshi Kumata (p), Toru Nishijima (b) vs. Yuhei Matsunaga (p), Natsuki Kido (g)

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