Toshiyuki Honda

I am turning 60 this year. I am efToshi-otoko (a man who was born in the year of the same zodiac sign - symbolic animal - with that of this year). Supposed to wear a red Japanese vest to celebrate it. So, I am having 4DAYS event! It has been almost 45 years since I made a debut at the Shinjuku Pit Inn when I was in high school. My time has passed so fast. During those years, this is the first 4DAYS event that I am having. I will keep me fit with running and training for those important days. I sincerely look forward to seeing you all there.

Toshiyuki Honda - 4DAYS to Celebrate Hondafs 60th Birthday
August 9th(wed) 10th(thu) 11th(fri) 12th(sat)
open19:30 start20:00
*advance ticket 3,500+tax yen /ticket on the day 4,000+tax yen
** advance tickets are selling now at Pit Inn Shinjuku (reservation is available.)
(The advance ticket has a serial number for prior entry when the doors open.)

*August 9: featuring Trouvere Quartet & Piano
Toshiyuki Honda(Sax)Nobuya Sugawa(Ss)Shin-ichiro Hikosaka(As)Yasuto@Tanaka(Bs)Keisuke Jinbo(Ts)Naomi Honda(P)
Trouvere Quartet will come to join us this year again. We will play a lot of new pieces from the quartetfs new album!

*August 10: featuring Special Quartet - Part 1
Toshiyuki Honda(Sax)Takeo Moriyama(Ds)Fumio Itabashi(P)Hideaki Kanazawa(B)
After calling out to Takeo Moriyama with love for 3 years, this quartet is coming true finally! With Fumio Itabashi and Hideaki Kanazawa, we will present extraordinary quartet performance!

*August 11: featuring Special Quartet - Part 2
Toshiyuki Honda(Sax)Rikiya Higashihara(Ds)Mei Inoue(G)Gregg Lee(B)
Rikiya Higashihara, a stud from Naniwa (pardon me), will appear at Pit Inn for the first time in a long while! With Gregg Lee and a young hope Mei Inoue, this will be once-in-a-lifetime chance of these musicians getting together!

*August 12: featuring Burning Wave Quartet & Guitar
Toshiyuki Honda(Sax)Soichi Noriki(Key,P)Shingo Okudaira(Ds)Ryu Kawanura(B)guest: Kazumi Watanabe(G)
The legendary Kazumi Watanabe will join Burning Wave, which was my starting point. This will be a wild night!

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