The First Anniversary of Tsunehide Matsuki Memorial Session

It's already been one year since Tsunehide Matsuki passed away.
Matsuki was the one and only guitarist, a shy, earnest musician who was always pursuing something truly beautiful. For the first anniversary of his death on June 18th, I would like to recreate the world of Tsunehide Matsuki's music with the musicians who were very close to Matsuki.

- Soichi Noriki

When I first met Tsunehide Matsuki in 1974, I thought he was younger than me, and I started to call him "Hide-bo" just like other older musicians did. He seemed to be unashamed even when he was late for a studio recording session, so I thought he was such a cocky young guy. But since I learned the fact that he was actually two years older than me, I changed my attitude and started to call him "Mr. Matsuki". It was when we started to play baseball together that Mr. Matsuki began to have friendly chats with me. Compared to Mr. Matsuki who was a serious player, I often dragged a team down. But Mr. Matsuki started to invite me for his tours and sessions since then, and I appreciate him for giving such wonderful opportunities to learn so much from him. There would be no end if I started writing about all the episodes of the concerts and the recording sessions I played with Mr. Matsui, but many of them that I remember well were a lot of lectures and scolding that he gave me publicly and privately. If I was not sharp enough for playing, Mr. Matsui gave me a hard stare. He was passionate both in music and life. Mr. Matsuki called me on the phone in January 2015, with a bit painful voice, telling me about his illness and said, "I would like to play with you and Ponta once in the last place. Will you?" I accepted the offer immediately without question. At the concert, he tossed jovial curses humorously at us, and it was fun to chime in his talk. In the early summer after two years and a half, Mr. Matsuki passed away without saying us goodbye or thanks.

- Kenji Takamizu

In my life, not applying only to music, there are some musicians I call "master", and Tsunehide Matsuki was one of them. I learned a lot of various philosophies from his talks and his behaviors, not just from the sounds of his music. I am truly honored to be able to be a part of this memorial concert. While getting told off by the master from above, I would like to dedicate my sounds to Mr. Matsuki.

- Shuichi "Ponta" Murakami

The year went by surprisingly fast, still leaving a huge void in my heart.
It has been fourteen years since Mr. Matsuki and I made our first album together. At that time when we were making an album, Mr. Matsuki and I decided one thing:? Let's make an album which people will want to listen to for the next ten or twenty years. Let's make the music that we truly think great. He said, "This album could receive wide recognition from people after we die." I still remember his voice in my ears. Also, I recently found out that there are quite a few young fans in their twenties who looked for our album and loved listening to it. Mr. Matsuki and I cannot play a concert together, but I hope I can increase opportunities to connect our music with the audience in various other ways. My memories of Mr. Matsuki are overflowing, but I still cannot convey this feeling well. Mr. Matsuki and I have shared happy time, exciting time, sad time and hard time together here at the Pit Inn. I would like to express my deep thanks to Mr. Matsuki and the Pit Inn for giving me various precious opportunities since my debut.

- Michiko Takada

The First Anniversary of Tsunehide Matsuki Memorial Session
June 16 (Sat) 4,000 yen + tax

Soichi Noriki (P, Key), Kenji Takamizu (B), Shuichi hPONTAh Murakami (Ds),? Toshiyuki Honda (Sax), Greg Lee (B), Isao hSankichih Miyoshi (G), Michiko Takada (Vo)

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