Ai Kuwabara

It was a late-night show of Naruyoshi Kikuchi's 'Modern Jazz Dicotheque' when I played live at the Shinjuku Pit Inn. At that night, the jazz venue Pit Inn has turned into a nightclub, and I remember that I was exalted by the overwhelming phenomenon that was happening there like a miracle. My second experience at the Pit Inn was the time when I had a concert with my own band. I still remember that I had goose bumps because the amount of heat in the audience was so intense. It almost felt like a hot music festival or something.

It was definitely a magic of the Pit Inn, with no doubt.

I have been to the Pit Inn for several times as one of the audience, and always feel that there is something 'very special' that exists only in the air of the Pit Inn. This time, I am deeply grateful to the Pit Inn for letting me have my first 5 DAYS event here. Musicians who are joining me during the 5 days are all fantastic. They are so gorgeous that perhaps I am the one who is looking forward to the concerts more than anyone else. We will present different music on each day, to make you experience new worlds on each night.

I will make the Pit Inn magic happen for the five days, so I hope you could come to join us to experience the moments. It would be wonderful if we can leave something very special in your hearts. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Ai Kuwabara Shinjuku Pit Inn 5days "5 Souls"
April 2nd(sun) 3rd(mon) 7th(fri) 8th(sat) 9th(sun)
advance ticket 4,000 yen /ticket on the day 4,500 yen
** 5-day pass:16,000+tax yen (only available at Ticket Pia).Through ticket for all the 5-day shows.

2nd Ai Kuwabara Chaos Quartet
Ai Kuwabara(P)Tokuzawa Seigen(Vc)Atsuki Yoshida(Vln)ermhoi(Electronics)
3rd Ai Kuwabara Super Quartet
Ai Kuwabara(P)Sara Yoshida(Vo)Ryoji Orihara(Fretless B)Akira Yamada(Ds)
7th Ai Kuwabara trio +
Ai Kuwabara(P)Yusuke Morita(el-B)Shun Ishiwaka(Ds)Special guest:Gen Ogimi(Per)
8th Ai Kuwabara trio +
Ai Kuwabara(P)Takashi Sugawa(B)Shun Ishiwaka(Ds)Special guest:Naruyoshi Kikuchi(Sax)
9th Ai Kuwabara trio project
Ai Kuwabara(P)Yusuke Morita(el-B)Takashi Sugawa(B)Shun Ishiwaka(Ds)

*advance tickets are selling at Pit Inn Shinjuku (reservation is available.) A at Ticket PiaAlawson Ticket and e+. The advance ticket has an order number for priority entrance at the opening.
P code:324-493 / 5-day pass P code:782-530
L code:72577



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