Kazutoki Umezu - Petit Ohshigoto 2020 @PIT INN

All of my upper teeth are false teeth. Ironically, when I started playing the clarinet in my first year of middle school, one of my front teeth where the mouthpiece touched often worn down first, and I had to put a false tooth on it. My teeth kept wearing down gradually after that, and although I managed to keep them by getting them stiffened with cement-like glue, the next tooth to the first decayed tooth also wore down and had to be replaced with a false tooth when I was in a college. At the age of 30 when these teeth were mostly beaten by the pressure of the instrument, I decided to get all the upper teeth cut off and replaced the entire upper teeth with the false teeth, and managed to disperse the pressure across the entire teeth. Since then, forty years has passed and the situation got worse. The original teeth that held the false teeth have gradually been worn down year after year, and the last two original teeth are loosened by now. So, if one of the last two upper teeth goes bad, my entire upper teeth will be finished. For a saxophone player, I knew that both the teeth and the capacity of the inside of the mouth were important, but I have not known yet how crucial they would be. Can I really play saxophone with false teeth in the same way as I used to play?

A few days after this Petit Ohshigoto, I am going to have all my upper teeth replaced with full dentures. I decided so. Rather than suddenly reach a limit sometime this year, it is better for me to decide the day for myself. My dentist has been treating me empathically, caring so much about my music performance, so I can trust him. Then, I won't have to worry about canceling my gig at the last minute due to my dental accident. Let's go back to basics and practice the clarinet every day to get used to the new dentures. I am going to take some extra days for that effort.

So, this Petit Ohshigoto will be the last chance for me to be able to play under the current condition of my teeth. I am not sure how my sounds will change after that. So, please do not miss this chance. Of course, I will play with a special resolution this time.

Kazutoki Umezu - Petit Ohshigoto 2020 @PIT INN 

March 4 (Wed) / 5 (Thurs) / 6 (Fri) / 7 (Sat) / 8 (Sun)

March 4 (Wed):  Open 19:30 / Start 20:00     
Advance ticket: 4,000 yen + tax / Ticket on the day: 4,500 yen + tax (Both including one drink)

March 5 (Thurs) / 6 (Fri) / 7 (Sat) / 8 (Sun):
Advance ticket: 3,500 yen + tax / Ticket on the day: 4,000 yen + tax (Both including one drink)

*5DAY Pass: 16,000 yen + tax (each day including one drink). Only available at the Shinjuku Pit Inn (we accept reservations).

*Advance tickets will start selling at Ticket Pia, Shinjuku Pit Inn (from 11 AM only at the reception) on February 2, Sunday (we accept reservations). P Code: 175-497

March 4 (Wed): Kazutoki Umezu (sax, cl) / Yosuke Yamashita (p)

March 5 (Thurs): In the 90s
Kazutoki Umezu (sax, cl), Natsuki Kido (g), Keisuke Ohta (vln), Makoto Yoshimori (p), Mitsuru Nasuno (b), Raiga Hayashi (ds)

March 6 (Fri) Komaccha Kurezuma + Masumi Hara
Kazutoki Umezu (sax, cl), Yoko Tada (sax), Ayumi Matsui (vln), Chan Koyo (acc), Takero Sekijima (tuba), Fumihisa Natsuaki (ds), Guest: Masumi Hara (vo. g)

March 7 (Sat): a legend of D.U.B. & DANGER
D.U.B.: Kazutoki Umezu (sax, cl), Takeharu Hayakawa (b), Takashi Kikuchi (ds), Guest: Ippei Kato (g), Watana Baby (vo, g)

March 8 (Sun): Kazutoki Umezu (sax, cl), Tavito Nanao (vo, g)

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