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Ticket on the day:2,750 yen tax included. 2,500 yen + tax (one drink included)
Shinsuke Fujieda(composition, sax, fl, khoomie, bamboo cl, harmonic fl, drone), Shinichi Tsukamoto(p), Ayako Takeshita(vln), Shigeru Karo(fretless bass), Masaki Nagata(ds), Daisuke Arakari(per)
Formed by Shinsuke Fujieda, a saxophone and flute player, the group is based on jazz, but incorporates various genres. The members are: Shinichi Tsukamoto on piano, Ayako Takeshita of 'no.9 orchestra', 'piano & violin duo' and 'kanako' on violin, Shigeru Karo of his own group and 'echostics' on bass, Masaki Nagata of 'Zainichi Funk' and 'ROOTSTRIBE DUB SEPTET' on drums, and African percussionist Daisuke Arakari of ROOTSTRIBE DUB SEPTET on percussion. They released 'Shinsuke Fujieda/Gentle Erosion' in the summer of 2020. In April 2021, they released a 2CD+DVD live recording album, 'Informel', which included a 97-minute enthusiastic live performance at Koenji Jirokichi. Fujieda's music, which can be described as grandiose and painterly, and the improvisations of the band members, each with their own roots, create an ensemble that is sometimes primitive and sometimes dramatic. The sound of ethnic overtones such as harmonic flute, bamboo clarinet, and khoomei, as well as the drones created by making full use of effectors, add a unique depth and multi-dimensionality to the music.

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