Live Information
Minako Yoshida & Yoshinobu Kojima - The Duet 2020
Open19:30 /
Ticket on the day:7000 yen + tax (one drink included)
Advance ticket:6500 yen + tax (one drink included)
*Advance tickets will start selling at the Shinjuku Pit Inn at 11:00AM on February 2,Sunday (we accept reservations).
Minako Yoshida (vo), Yoshinobu Kojima (p)
I feel always nervous when I play at the Shinjuku Pit Inn even after many years. Perhaps it may come from my sense of shame of not being rooted in jazz myself. However, we will face the music as our duo’s lifework with a defiant attitude of believing that playing our own music, that would never fall into pre-established harmonies or something that we have heard somewhere before, is the essence of jazz! Thank you so much again for your support this year, too.

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