Live Information
Megutaro + Akihiro Yoshimoto
Open13:30 /
Ticket on the day:2,500 yen + tax (one drink included)
Ai Ohtani(p), Kentaro Nakayama(ds) guest : Akihiro Yoshimoto(sax)
Formed in October 2015 by Ai Otani (Piano) and Kentaro Nakayama (Drums). They started performing mainly in Tokyo. With the theme of colorful music, they pursue a one-of-a-kind worldview with melodious original compositions and an instantaneous ensemble based on Jazz. 3rd album "World Painter" will be released in March 2022, and MEGTARO Vocalise album in the same year. He is currently working with various artists in addition to Megutaro Duo. Megutaro+1 (w/ Akihiro Yoshimoto sax), Reina Shimizu (sax), Shota Ishikawa (bass), Mayumi Sano (cello), Masato Snakeike (sax), MEGTARO Vocalise (w/ Daisuke Ito vo, Kotetsu vo, Akiko Suda vo), Megutako (w/yoshiko tap dancer) and others. While performing mainly in Tokyo, they also travel to Hokkaido, Tokai, Kansai, Shikoku, Chugoku, and Taiwan.

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