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Masayasu Tsuboguchi - Shinjuku PIT INN 3DAYS Radio-Acoustique
Open19:30 /
Ticket on the day:3,000 yen + tax (one drink included)
Masayasu Tsuboguchi (p), Akiyoshi Shimizu (b), Kazuaki Yokoyama (ds)
If I am told to pick one favorite painter, I would pick Paul Cézanne. People may say, "That is retro-cool!", but his style which was in the transition between the Classics to the Modern painting, with the perfect structures and touches in spite of the distortion and misalignment, putting the same emphasis on the motif and the background, had a similar vision as what I am pursuing for with my music.
I will play 3DAYS concerts this year again, but I think that the three bands share the above-mentioned values in their spirits, too.

On the first day, I will play a trio with two young up-and-coming musicians Akiyoshi Shimizu and Kazuaki Yokoyama. This trio is characterized by a modal style and polyrhythmic phrasings, but also has a bop idiom that we have learned from Barry Harris.

On the second day, I will play with an instrumental band Ortance that was in fact originally formed at the Pit Inn. It is a "band’ of Tsuboguchi, Nishida, and Oi, not a session band or a collaboration unit. We will release our first vinyl album this March. With a stateless diva ermhoi as a special guest, this concert will indicate the next stage of this band.

On the third day, I will play with the active members of the Tokyo Zawinul Bach that celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. After the period of having priority in concept, we are not in a perfect condition to play fearlessly. We will release a live album in which our reunion ensemble with Naruyoshi Kikuchi and Issei Igarashi was featured. Don’t miss it!

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