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Masahiko Sato 2DAYS
Face Off
Open19:30 /
Ticket on the day:1,000 yen + tax (one drink included)
Masahiko Sato (p), Kozo Wada (drawing), Benisuke Sakai (b)
Feb. 22 (Sat): Face Off

The zero-gravity outer space is opening at the Pit Inn? Masahiko Sato will recreate the cosmic ambient sound art that was produced by Sato to fill the exhibition place of the Kozo Wada, whose pencil drawings with superb gradation techniques are recognized as the world’s only treasure. If you are surrounded by all this, you would experience the fluctuations in space orientation visually and auditory.

The black and white world created with a group of pencils with fifteen levels of hardness from 8B to 7H merges with the world of ambient sounds generated from unknown sources. Two improvisers will face this. What will happen? If you are there to witness it, don’t forget to breathe!

Feb. 23 (Sun): Tipo CABEZA

Tipo CABEZA, the unusual piano trio of percussions, strings, and keys, will come back to the Pit Inn. They have been actively performing with these members as a core unit since they released the album ’Amphibio’ in 2003.
Their performance tours to Nepal and India, and their support for Hatsune Miku project, are still fresh in our minds.
Incorporating the unique methods of making the sounds in ethnic music in various places, they will feature highly maniac music among various original pieces of theirs inspired by the accent cycles.
Will it be possible to find a hint for the initiating agent to spark the future Japanese jazz?

(photo by Eri Harada)

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