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Kido Natsuki 3DAYS LOUDERA
Open19:00 /
Ticket on the day:3,500 yen + tax (one drink included)
Advance ticket:3,000 yen + tax (one drink included)
3DAYS Pass: 8,000 yen + tax (one drink included per day)
*Advance tickets will start selling at the Shinjuku Pit Inn at 11:00AM on June 1,Monday (we accept reservations).
Kido Natsuki (g), Akihisa Tsuboi (vln), Kenji Sato (b), Yoichiro Yamauchi (ds)
Reservations (priority admission at the time of opening) will be accepted from 11:00 AM on June 1st from the ticket reservation form on each performance day.
Although it is a telephone reservation (03-3354-2024), it will be closed from 1 PM 6/1 to 6/18 due to the extension of the self-restraint request.

I am happy to inform you that my Kido Natsuki 3DAYS will be held in July, my birth month this year! For the programs of this year, I put together the most wicked, passionate, and exhilarating projects of my bands.
On the first day, we will present Korekyojin led by Tatsuya Yoshida, known as the drummer of irregular time worldwide!
On the second day, we will present COIL that pursues the jazz rock of the 70's spirits with hot members Takeharu Hayakawa, Tsutomu Nakayama, and Eiji Tanaka. The unit has once stopped its activities but revived in the wake of the earthquake.
On the last day, we will present LOUDERA, which was launched to revive the repertoire of the duo unit ERA with Akihisa Tsuboi who is make his first appearance at the Shinjuku Pit Inn, into the hard progressive rock band sounds. Supported by the rhythm section of Kenji Sato and Yoichiro Yamauchi, it will be the loudest concert as you can imagine from the band name "LOUD" ERA!
The Olympics have been postponed, but please come to the Pit Inn for this occasion to party and sweat!
- Kido Natsuki

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