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Junko Onishi Sextet +
Open19:30 /
Ticket on the day:5,500 yen + tax (one drink included)
*Advance tickets will start selling at the Shinjuku Pit Inn at 11:00AM on October 6,Sunday (we accept reservations).
Junko Onishi (p), Miki Hirose (tp, flh), Akihiro Yoshimoto (ts, fl, cl), Yuzo Kataoka (tb), Yosuke Inoue (b), Shinnosuke Takahashi (ds), and more...
What began at the Pit Inn reaches the climax at the Pit Inn. There are few opportunities to celebrate the birth and end of such a beautiful band. The first concert began with our existing songs. As soon as the night of our first concert at the Pit Inn was over, Miss S of Disc Union asked me when we should do the recording of the band. At that time, I knew the possibility of every one of the band members as a composer, and I immediately decided that everyone would write at least one song before entering the recording studio. We went to the studio after more than half a year to record our original tunes. The total number of the songs written by our sextet members was up to fifteen, but we selected twelve pieces among them considering the limit of time and our physical strength, to be contained in our album ’Ⅻ’. Then, as our tour continued, we had more new songs. To my happy surprise, the composition skills of trumpeter Miki Hirose and tenor saxophonist Akihiro Yoshimoto were remarkable. Their skills improve every time they write and influence each other, and the possibilities are expanding. During the tour, the music was written and cooked by skilled musicians, and ideas were raised and the songs matured. During such blissful time, our music has fermented deeper. Such a gorgeous time could not last so long with everyone as a leader. At this highest peak of our sextet, we were able to make a fantastic compilation of our music to give it a shape.
And now we are back to the Pit Inn where everything has begun.
We will present many new pieces that no one has ever heard yet, more than what we have done in our album ’Ⅻ’. We will expose all of our sextet at this Pit Inn. It may depend on you in the audience whether this would be the end or not, but it will certainly become a landing point for us, even temporarily.
I would like as many people as possible to participate in this historical recording.
- Junko Onishi

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