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Junko Onishi 2DAYS 
Announcement of performance postponement and distribution live
Junko Onishi (p), Yosuke Inoue (b), Sota Kira (ds)
Only on 6/7 (Sun.), Juniko Onishi will be playing live on the internet. (Charged)
Junko Onishi (P) Yosuke Inoue (B) Shota Kira (Ds)
Sunday, June 07 2020 20:00 – 22:30
¥ 4,000 (tax included)
Please use the URL below for tickets.
Please note that you cannot buy live tickets at the Shinjuku Pit Inn.

First of all thank you very much for your constant support on Junko
We regret to announce that despite the lift of the state of emergency, we
have decided to cancel Junko’s shows at Shinjuku Pit Inn, which were
scheduled for June 7 and 8. After discussions with the organizer, we came
to the conclusion that the circumstances are not ready for our audience to
be rest assured to enjoy the shows as usual.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your kind
However, with the strong desire to deliver music to the fans in some form
and to support the endangered culture of clubs with live music, we
decided to hold a no-audience paid performance from Shinjuku Pit Inn,
starting at 20:00 on June 7.
This will be our first attempt on such a format; Junko Onishi Trio and the
staffs are ready to work together to send the best acoustic and visual quality possible, which may outdo any other live streaming, although we
may face some inadequacies along the way.
We encourage all Junko Onishi fans, Pit Inn fans, and everyone who has
always wanted to see Junko live or visit Pit Inn but has never had the
chance for it, to take this opportunity and join us. We sincerely look
forward to your participation.

[Message from Junko Onishi]
The Sextet Plus’ 3-night intensive and furious live recording project, which
took place in late November last year, was possible only because the venue
was Pit Inn. The incredible power of concentration of the band created by
the atmosphere, the breathless enthusiasm of the audience in the air… they
were achieved only because the venue was Pit Inn.
In the wake of the loss of such a wonderful sharing ground, we still firmly
believe the power of music and all forms of culture. And we realize even
more of the value of such power.
Despite the difficult circumstances we face, so many artists strive to deliver
courage to their fans by way of live streaming. As for myself, I decided to
embark on the voyage of my brand new trio with a no-audience live
streaming at Pit Inn, the place that has always welcomed my new
This is a new attempt; we may face some inconvenience along the way, and
the realism of the live performance may not be the same as the one we used
to take for granted.
Still, in order to keep the music and culture going on to the future, to move
forward without giving up the potentials and possibilities, and until the
near future when we can get together and enjoy the live shows to the
fullest, please enjoy the live streaming of my trio on June 7.


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