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Returning A Favor - Ornette Coleman Double Quartet 
Open13:30 /
Ticket on the day:2,500 yen + tax (one drink included)
Taichi Kamimura(sax), Takao Watanabe(to), Yasuaki Kowa(g), Kosuke Ochiai(b), Masao Tajima(b), Ryo Noritake(ds), Yoshinori Shiraishi(ds)
Six years have passed since I had the first session with Ochiai and Kowa. Ochiai and I found our current quartet (with Watanabe and Noritake), and last year we started a trio with Tajima and Shiraishi that was inspired by Ornette's Town Hall. In the Kowa trio, we play music by Ochiai and Bern Nix, among others. Sixty years ago, more than half a century after Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz was released that shook up the jazz world, we look back at the Double Quartet and attempt to reconstruct 'Free'. On January 8 next year, the same members are scheduled to play a concert at the Saitama Citizen Hall Urawa, which will sadly close in March.

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