Live Information
Shibusashirazu Orchestra
Open19:00 /
Ticket on the day:3,300 yen 3,000 yen + tax (one drink included)
Youichiro Kita (tp), Misaki Ishiwata (tp), Masayo Koketsu (as), Shinnosuke Matsubara (as), Seisuke Saito (as), Takuya Matsumoto (ss, ts), Hideki Tachibana (sax), Akira Kito (bs), Misaki Motofuji (bs), Yasuyuki Takahashi (tb), Akihiro Ishiwatari (g), Ippei Kato (g), Azusa Yamada (vib), Koichi Yamaguchi (p), Mariko Kobayashi (b), Jun Isobe (ds), Naoki Yamamoto (ds), Pero, Fumi Takahashi, Sugako, Daisuke Fuwa
Reservations (priority entrance at the time of opening) are accepted by phone (03-3354-2024) or through the online ticket reservation form for each performance date on our website.
Reservations will be accepted until the day before the event.

Shibusashirazu Orchestra incorporates various elements beyond genre, from jazz, rock, Latin, folk songs to enka songs as well as Butoh dance and the scenographic art, all blended together into their performance to create a piquant entertainment on stage, which is also radically avant-garde. They are a great underground subculture group as well as the experience-based entertainment. Their performances have been enchanting not only the music fans but also a wide range of audience including the fans of theater plays and Butoh dance with their overwhelming power.

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