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Tamaya Honda plays Fumio Karashima
Open19:00 /
Ticket on the day:3,300 yen 3,000 yen + tax (one drink included)
Tamaya Honda (ds), Masahiro Fujioka (sax), Mitsuhiro Itagaki (p), Mitsuaki Furuno(b)
*Reservations (priority entrance at the time of opening) will be accepted from 11:00 AM on October 1 (sat) by phone (03-3354-2024), at the reception desk of Pit Inn Shinjuku, or through the online ticket reservation form for each performance date on our website.
Reservations will be accepted until the day before the event.

One day the melody of Fumio Karashima started playing in my head, like a sign. So, I decided to organize a performance of Fumio Karashima's music with my friends who were close friends with him. Saxophonist Masahiro Fujioka plays saxophone, Mitsuaki Furuno plays bass, and Mitsuhiro Itagaki, his favorite disciple, plays piano. They were all very closely related to the late Karashima. They will play Fumio Karashima's gems of melodies.
Ticket Reservation・inquiries
Ticket Reservation・inquiries:03-3354-2024

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