Live Information
- First Anniversary Special Event: PONTA Museum - Remembrance LIVE All Day Long/ Notice of Change of Time
Open18:30 /
Ticket on the day:3,850 yen 3,500 yen + tax (one drink included)
*Pass Tickets: 6,600 yen (For Evening Show only, one drink included)
◎Mars Engine with KenKen (b) House Seitaro (ds), Go Sato (key, manipulate), Hiroyuki Kogure (Eb), Hiroshi Takamiya(Uplight bs) GUEST:Yuichiro Kato (sax), Naoki Matsumoto (ds), and others ◎Ponta’s Parade with Isao ”Sankichi” Miyoshi (g) Brian Smith (g), Matthew de Wilde (key), Katsuya Sakurai (b), Jean(ds)
open at 18:30 / concert starts at 19:00 – 20:50

*We will start accepting reservations at the reception counter of Shinjuku Pit Inn, or by phone (03-3354-2024), or via the ticket reservation form of each performance from AM11:00 on February 1, Tuesday. (Customers who made reservations will be given reference numbers for priority entrance.)

It's been a year since the passing of the great drummer, Shuichi "PONTA" Murakami. So, we will take over the Shinjuku Pit Inn, where he had been playing for decades, for a day and will hold the final event of this year's 'Ponta Museum' in the afternoon, which has been held in 13 locations across Japan since last year. In the evening, we will commemorate PONTA with 'Mars Engine' and 'Ponta's Parade’, led by his direct disciples, KenKen (bs), who was a favorite of PONTA's since childhood, and Isao "Sankichi" Miyoshi, a jazz guitarist and ally of Sankichi-ism.

Photo by 2014 J.Kon

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