Live Information
Tamaya Honda Trio
Open19:00 /
Ticket on the day:3,300 yen 3,000 yen + tax (one drink included)
Tamaya Honda (ds), Miyuki Moriya (as), Takashi Sugawa (b), GUEST:Kosuke Mine (ts)
*We will start accepting reservations at the reception counter of Shinjuku Pit Inn, or by phone (03-3354-2024), or via the ticket reservation form of each performance from AM11:00 on November 1, Monday. (Customers who made reservations will be given reference numbers for priority entrance.)

I've been absent for a while, but at the end of the year, I'll be performing at Pit Inn for the first time in a while. During the Corona pandemic, I had stopped performing my own leader live, or rather, I had lost the motivation to do so, but now I have a strong desire to show my ‘life' in front of a large audience. With a living legend tenor man Kosuke Mine and his good friend Miyuki Moriya on alto, and the amazing bass player Takashi Sugawa, the four of us will enjoy playing jazz in a relaxed and lively way!

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