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Dairo Suga 5DAYS
new little one + Kei Matsumaru
Open19:00 /
Ticket on the day:3,300 yen 3,000 yen + tax (one drink included)
Dairo Suga (p), Tokutaro Hosoi (g), Shu Akimoto (ds), Kei Matsumaru (as, ss)
*We will start accepting reservations at the reception counter of Shinjuku Pit Inn, or by phone (03-3354-2024), or via the ticket reservation form of each performance from AM11:00 on June 1, Tuesday. (Customers who made reservations will be given reference numbers for priority entrance.)

There are no barriers to being a musician whoever you are; male or female, old or young, tall or heavy, or physically handicapped, and whatever the color of skin is, or a language you speak, or a religion you believe in, or a political affiliation, rich or poor, genius or idiot, healthy or sick, sociable or not, good at science or liberal arts, honest or liar, cheater, school-educated child or senile old man, politician or bank transfer scammers, tax cheat or benefit cheat, influenza A or B, Corona positive, Gundam lover or Shia hater, dog or cat, worm or okera or water striders, hangovers, prohibition, drinkers and smokers, killifish, ZAKRELLO, or a lonely woman. The antonym for urgent is loose! The antonym for urgent is also loose! The ultimate peace festival will be held at the Pit Inn for five days.

*live streaming & archive
Ticket Reservation・inquiries
Ticket Reservation・inquiries:03-3354-2024

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