Live Information
First Tour 2021
Open19:00 /
Ticket on the day:4,400 yen 4,000 yen + tax (one drink included)
Advance ticket:3,850 yen 3,500 yen + tax (one drink included)
*Advance tickets will start selling at the Shinjuku Pit Inn at 11:00AM on May 1,Saturday (we accept reservations).
Otomo Yoshihide(g), Tatsuo Kondo (key, harmonica), Naoko Eto (p), Ryoko Egawa (sax), Shinobu Kawai (b), Itoken (ds)
*Advance tickets will start selling at the reception desk of Shinjuku Pit Inn, by phone (03-3354-2024), and also via the ticket reservation form of each performance from 11 AM on May 1, Saturday. (we accept reservations. Those who have advance tickets can skip the line at the entrance when the venue opens on the day.)

The band 'GEKIBAN' consists of Otomo Yoshihide's friends who have created music for films and TV shows by Otomo. A unique improvisational theatrical accompaniment was recorded on stage as it was. Please enjoy the world of Otomo's GEKIBAN, a world of joy, anger, sorrow, and untamed fun.
Ticket Reservation・inquiries
Ticket Reservation・inquiries:03-3354-2024

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