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Kazutoki Umezu プチ大仕事 2021
Singing to the full
Open17:30 /
Ticket on the day:3,800 yen + tax (one drink included)
Advance ticket:3,500 yen + tax (one drink included)
Kazutoki Umezu (sax, cl), Tavito Nanao (vo, g), Takashi Seo (b)
Notice of change in business hours due to the declaration of a state of emergency
Due to the declaration of a state of emergency, the following changes will be made to the opening and performance times from January 8 for the time being.

Evening Show
open 17:30
start 18:00〜19:50

*We will start accepting reservations at the reception counter of Shinjuku Pit Inn, or by phone (03-3354-2024), or via the ticket reservation form of each performance from AM11:00 on February 1, Monday. (Customers who made reservations will be given reference numbers for priority entrance.)

My duo with Tavito Nanao is the signature of Petit Ohshigoto. This time, we will have bassist Takashi Seo create the sounds that will be born here to gush out into the ocean via a journey of our songs.

Corona has put the survival of live music venues in jeopardy.

I haven't received any information about what's going on in other countries, but at least in Japan, the current situation is quite severe.

As everyone is saying, live music clubs are a big part of the culture. It's not just a place where you can show the finished projects, but a place where you can experience music that is alive, and not just music for drinking, where something new is happening or about to happen. Such a place is a live music club. And where there is such a place, interesting people from all over the world come together.

For me, it's like a hometown to go back to, or you could say it's my place, my nest. I can't tell you how many live music venues I've been a part of gratefully. Not only in Tokyo, but all over Japan, live houses are my workplace. And for the past few years, I've also been working with live venues in Europe, especially in Germany. Even if I don't understand the language well, it's obvious what I got to do here. Most of the time I can feel relaxed at such venues. The only regret is that in New York, in the '70s, there were great venues such as Studio We and Studio Rivbea, and in the '80s and '90s, there were several good places like Knitting Factory where you could casually drop by and play, and I used to go there at least once or twice a year. However, Knitting Factory has become a completely different place, and I can't find any place that I can be interested in performing. New York has lost its charm and become a boring city for me. I don't want Tokyo or Japan to become such a boring place.

Of all the live music venues, Pit Inn has always been the one that I've been most grateful to. I've been allowed to present my exciting projects including SEIKATSU KOJYO IINKAI Orchestra, D.U.B., Shakushain, Betsuni Nanmo Klezmer, KIKI BAND, Komatcha Klezmer, etc. here. This year marks the 21st year of the Petit Ohshigoto. These five days are possible because this is my nest. We will have to have a limited audience, but we'll do our best for you this year as well!

- Kazutoki Umezu

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