Yasuhiro Yoshigaki 5DAYS
6/14(fri) 15(sat) 16(sun) 17(mon) 18(tue)
14th 【Decode Myself】 iKnoW Electric Re-Bop Double Band
Shinpei Ruike (tp), Yoshihiro Goseki (ts), Ippei Kato (g), Tokutaro Hosoi (g), Mitsuru Nasuno (b), Yoshiki Takahashi (b), Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (ds)

15th 【Special Improvisation Night】 5tette
Masahiko Satoh (p), Junji Hirose (ts), Kumiko Takara (vib, per), Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (ds, per)
Due to circumstances, Keisuke Ohta (vln) is unable to perform.

16th 【Revival】 Tales Of Another
Akira Ishii (p), Takashi Seo (b), Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (ds), GUEST: Tokutaro Hosoi (g)

17th 【Trans】 Yoshigaki-Hosomi-Iga-Yoshida+Otomo
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (ds), Sakana Hosomi (key), Wataru Iga (b), Ryuichi Yoshida (bs), Otomo Yoshihide (g)

18th 【Beat Of AACM〜Theme de Yo Yo】 Limited Edition + On The Mountain
Ryuichi Yoshida (bs, fl), Yoshihiro Goseki (ts, ss), Junichi Kamiunten (ts, b-cl), Koki Matsui (as, ss), Ruike Shinpei (tp), Atsushi Goto (tb), Makoto Yoshimori (p), Keigo Iwami (b), Masao Tajima (b), Daisuke Iwahara (per), Kayoko Miyama (vo), Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (ds, per)


Open 19:00 Start 19:30
3,850 yen (one drink included)


Reservations (priority entrance at the time of opening) are accepted by phone (03-3354-2024) or through the online ticket reservation form for each performance date on our website.
Reservations will be accepted until the day before the event.


We will have a 5DAYS event again this year. Thank you again for your support. This time again, we have several projects that we have been working on for the past few years. The first day is iKnoW Electric Re-Bop Double Band, a group of wonderful musicians of various generations. What originally started as a session to play Thelonious Monk tunes has evolved over the past decade into an electric double band that pays homage to the likes of Ornette Coleman and Shannon Jackson. The second day will be an improvisation session with Masahiko Satoh, which has become an annual event. I will have a gathering of my beloved improvisers. The third day will be Tales Of Another, the most jazz-like band I’ve ever done. Akira Ishii will be back on stage after recovering from an unforeseen accident. With love to Keith Jarrett. Day 4 will be a big trance day with Otomo Yoshihide joining YHI&Y, which in recent years has become the rhythm section of Ryuichi Yoshida’s PLays Carla Bley band. On the last day of the event, we will call it “The Heartbeat of AACM” and will try to play “Great Black Music – Ancient To The Future” with a large group. – Yasuhiro Yoshigaki


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14th iKow Electric Re-Bop Double Band


15th Special Improvisation Night


16th Tales Of Another


17th Yoshigaki-Hosomi-Iga-Yoshida+Otomo


18th Limited Edition + On The Mountain

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