Masahiko Togashi Memorial Final
8/22 Open: 19:30 / Start: 20:00 4,000 yen + tax (one drink included)
- Yosuke Yamashita (p), Eiichi Hayashi (as), Hiroaki Mizutani (b)
- J.J.Spirits: Masahiko Sato (p), Kosuke Mine (ts), Shinichi Kato (b), Hiroshi Murakami (ds)

On August 22, 2007, Masahiko Togashi passed away at the age of 67 for heart failure. He has been missed tremendously. Every year on the anniversary of his death, various performances have been performed, featuring Yosuke Yamashita and Toshihiko Sato. But in this year’s 13th anniversary, we will have the final concert of Masahiko Togashi Memorial series.

Masahiko Togashi could not appear in the 2003 New Year performance, which he planned to play duo. Togashi sent me a song ’My Wonderful Life’ instead of appearing at the concert. I play it solo. This was a valuable experience to me, and I ended up making an album ’KIZASHI ’04 - Masahiko Togashi Ballad Collection’ later with this piece as a core song.

Just like ’Bird’ and Monk, Togashi is always here with us. He just happens to be far away, so we don’t have a chance to see him. While thinking of Togashi’s childlike smile, I would like to play this piece again on this final memorial concert. (Yosuke Yamashita)

To perform the late Masahiko Togashi’s works intensively on August 22, on the anniversary of his death, always reminded me of Togashi’s serious attitude toward his improvisation as well as toward the music in general, which was also became a great wake-up call for me to face my music in everyday life. However, I might have assumed that I would not play Togashi’s pieces on other days since they are so special in my mind.
The 13th anniversary can be considered an appropriate time to end this Masahiko Togashi Memorial series, but Togashi’s works will emerge in the programs of my future concerts as well as of J.J.Spirits’s.
In a way, Togashi’s works are becoming our standards. (Masahiko Sato)

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