2019 Summer - Celebrate Fumio Itabashi's 70th Birthday 3DAYS
Fumio Itabashi with Takehiro Honda Tribute Band
8/18 Open: 19:30 / Start: 20:00 3,500 yen + tax (one drink included)
Fumio Itabashi (p), Tamaya Honda (ds), Kosuke Mine (ts), Miyuki Moriya (as), Shinji Hashimoto (g), Yasuki Yoneki (b)
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Since our concert in Paris in this May and our overseas tour we went for the first time in many years, my brain seems to be nicely twisted! I lived my seventy years with natto fermented soybeans and pork something, and am still in my adolescence!
In the opening night, we will present the orchestra with perfect harmony and unpredictable happenings, with special guests: Shota Koyama (ds) from Hokkaido and Cho Bak (vo) from Osaka. What will happen is still secret.
In the second night, we will present the one and only meeting of the legendary trio with Nobuyoshi Ino (b) and Shota Koyama (ds) as ’Koki (70th Birthday) Trio’, plus two special guests: Eiichi Hayashi (as) and Akira Sotoyama (ds).
In the final day, we will have Takehiro Honda Tribute Band to end the 3DAYS event with our hot, soulful performance.
We look forward to sharing this special 3DAYS with you all!

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