Otomo Yoshihide - Annual Year-End 4 Days 6 Concert

I’m really, really happy that Pit Inn can continue to hold live concerts like this and have their usual end-of-year 4 DAYS, that’s all it takes!
First of all, we’ll be having a CD release concert of ONJQ, which was canceled before. I’ve been wanting to do this so badly, so this time it’s 2 days.
At GEKIBAN on the second day, we will play not only the soundtrack that I have been working on but also some of the musical pieces that I have been composing in the past half-year.
And the production of my special big band’s album that we have recorded during the self-restraint period will be completed soon. I’m proud to say it’s a masterpiece. This is the first time to unveil the new songs we’re recording there as well.
We haven’t been able to sell anything at the venue for a long time, so this time we’ll be doing a big sale at the venue, including some rare items. Please look forward to that as well!

12/26(土) 27(日) 28(月) 29(火)


26th,27th,28th: open 19:00 / start 19:30
29th: 1st Set (open 13:30 / start 14:00-16:00), 2nd Set (open 16:30 / start 17:00-19:00), 3rd Set (open 19:30 / start 20:00-22:00) *2 concerts of 45 minutes per set


26th,27th,28th: advance ticket: 3,500 yen + tax, ticket-on-the-day: 4,000 yen + tax (limited to 50 tickets)


29th: advance ticket: 6,000 yen + tax, ticket-on-the-day: 6,500 yen + tax (limited to 33 tickets)
1st Set (open 13:30 / start 14:00-16:00)
2nd Set (open 16:30 / start 17:00-19:00)
3rd Set (open 19:30 / start 20:00-22:00)
*As for the event “1st,2nd,3rd Set’, we closed reservations since we have already reached 33 reservations for the full seating. On the day of the event, only customers who have made reservations will be admitted. We apologize for the inconvenience., and thank you for your cooperation.


*Advance tickets will start selling at the Shinjuku Pit Inn at 11 AM on November 1 (Sun). (We accept reservations. Only on the day the tickets go on sale, two tickets are available per person per performance.)

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