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Daytime Show OPEN 2:00PM
START 2:30 - 5:00PM
1,300+tax yen (1 drink included)
2,500+tax yen〜
(Sat, Sun, National Holidays)
Evening Show OPEN 7:30PM
3,000 yen〜 (1 drink included)
Some shows may start at 19:30, opening the doors at 19:00. Will be mentioned in the schedule page.
Telephone reservations can be made at 03-3354-2024.
About Rental Hall
Available at 12:00PM - 5:00PM
82,400 yen (Weekdays)
144,200 yen (Sat, Sun, National Holidays) (PA lightings and piano rental fee are all included.)
Discount is available for rehearsal and demo-tape recordings purpose.
Ask the club about the details.
About E-mail Reservation
As well as telephone, you can make reservations by e-mail at:

Reservations and the change of number of people are closed at 11PM on the previous day. Priority entrance for people who made reservations.
For whom made reservations, we will send a confirmation e-mail. If you don't receive the confirmation, please contact us at the club.

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Shinjuku shinjuku-ku Tokyo JAPAN 〒160-0022
About Iwahara Pit Inn
@ Iwahara Kogen (plateau), Yuzawa-cho, Niigata-ken

Iwahara Pit Inn is our multiple recreational facilities with natural hot spring, hotel, restaurant, bar, event and concert space. Our staff's wish is to have our customers enjoy a truly relaxing time.


I first met Kei Kobayashi when I participated as a member of a project "ROUTINE JAZZ SEXTET" which was planned by Kei and Komine, the owner of a jazz club NARDIS in Kashiwa. It was Kei's unit formed based on the concept of his compilation album series "ROUTINE JAZZ" which was also his lifework then, and the unit has released two CDs as well as a heavyweight vinyl. The unit had been actively performing in various venues, including a now-closed Yellow in Azabu. For me who spent my youth when jazz and DJ culture were closely connected in the 90's, it was a great pleasure and an honor to be able to be a part of such a unique project with a Japan's leading DJ.

Several years have passed since then, and I heard that Kei's style of music has been changing these days, but did not have a chance to actually listen to his concert for a long while. But when my band was invited by DJ Hironobu Jyounai to play at 'contact', a club in Shibuya last winter, Kei was DJ-ing in the same evening so I had a chance to see his concert. It was more like a musical performance than a DJ set. Rather than patching tracks of music one after another, his way was more like re-composing a new piece of music by mixing the fragments of those pieces as materials, very different from the hip-hop method. It was like a new work of music was being created one after another spontaneously via Kei Kobayashi's filter. 

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